Frank doesn't want you to look at him

When did the focus on documenting a DJ performance, which is more about the music than “Seeing” the DJ in action, become more important than living the experience in the first place? When did people forget that a DJ is there to play music? The moment is completely lost as people focus on snapping the shot that will get them the most Instagram likes rather than losing themselves in the music. How I relish having been to clubs long before cell phones were everywhere.

One doesn’t need anything when stepping on a dance floor. No camera, no phone, no attitude. At a bare minimum, all one needs is a desire to dance and have a good time.

Thump contributor Angus Harrison agrees with me. In his recent piece If You’re Facing the DJ, You’re Doing Dance Music Wrong, Angus dissects this questionable trend and comes to the right conclusion:

The DJ isn’t there to be stared at. They are there to be forgotten completely.


[via Thump]